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Your Adventure On The Anti-Gravity Ropes Course

Starts With A Reservation FIRST





Get Covered

Below we have our Anti Gravity Ropes Course Wavier that can be filled out BEFORE arrival.

This way, if a minor is coming to hang out with a friend, school, or group of any kind- they can be covered before the adventure!

Just fill them out completely and bring them in for quick service. 
    All Customers wavier here
    Season pass holders wavier below


    How much does it cost to hang out?

    We thought it’d be awesome to have the best competitive pricing for a ropes course in Western North Carolina.

    Let us know what you think below!

      Adult $25

      Includes Ropes Course, zip line, and outdoor climbing wall for 1.5 hours.

      Child (with paying adult) $20

      Includes Ropes Course, zip line, and outdoor climbing wall for 1.5 hours. Without an adult, child must be able to reach all elements on their own. 

      Rent-A-Guide (Add) $15

      When a child doesn’t have an adult willing to accompany them on the Ropes Course + they are not able to reach all elements on their own, you may Rent-A-Guide to assist. 

      **Established to allow appropriate staffing to give one-on-one attention to customers that would need more assistance than the average guest.


      Includes Ropes Course, zip line, and outdoor climbing wall for 1.5 hours, 2 FREE attractions or activities and a BONUS $5 play card. Without an adult, child must be able to reach all elements on their own.


      Now, to all that necesssary information…

      To hangout on the Anti-Gravity Course you will be asked to wear closed toed shoes and to have your hair secured.  Keep in mind that you will be up in the air. Therefore, if you bring something you wouldn’t want to fall please leave that on the ground or stored in our gear unit.  Questionable items will be recommended not to be brought on the course. Customers will be reminded that any lost or damaged personal belongings are not the responsibility of Asheville’s Fun Depot.  TO meet the weight requirements; customers can not be over 270 lbs.  For the age and height requirements the customer (if going up alone) must be at least 11 and able to reach upward at the maximum 6.5 feet (to clip into the wires) or accompanied with an 18+ year old/adult at all times of the course (this person can be an an Anti-Gravity staff with payment/permission of that child’s parent or guardian) and can fit into the gear provided comfortably and safely by Anti-Gravity staff approval as well as prove that they are mentally capable of listening to staff and supervision adults instructions.  

      Customers will fill out a wavier before gearing up and going on to or around the course area.  The wavier you will sign will cover the rules needed and any that are left out will be told verbally before you enter the course area.  That wavier will state the inherent risks and the physical challenge that the course presents and assures that Anti-Gravity and Fun Depot staff will do all that they can to manage risks and keep it low.  This does not state that there is no risk involved or that this a 100% safe environment and the customer agrees to these terms beforehand.  The wavier will also be examined by the staff assisting to confirm whether there is pertinent medical information that needs to be known to help maintain safety.  If you have any pertinent medical concerns please let us know beforehand.  

        Hang Out All Summer

        Grab one of our fun Ropes Course Season Passes!

        We have crafted two levels for you and yours! See descriptions below. After April 24th, bring receipt in to Asheville’s Fun Depot to fill out your paperwork and receive your card!


        Includes Everything Ropes Course + Zip Line


        Includes Ropes, Zip & Climbing Wall + 2 AFD Attractions a week!

        Call For Reservations Today: 828.277.2386 [Ask For a Manager]

        Have any questions or feedback

        regarding our Ropes Course? We would love to hear from you!

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