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Looking for things to do in Asheville NC. Include a trip to Asheville’s Fun Depot.

fundepotbowlingWho doesn’t like to have fun? Everyone we know enjoys having a great time.  It is especially enjoyable when you can share this time with your family! Looking around in Asheville, NC for things to do? Here is a great idea, plan a visit to here, Asheville’s Fun Depot. We are a family centered amusement park with lots of cool stuff for “kids” of all ages.

Two of the attractions that can be found at Asheville’s Fun Depot are mini golf and mini bowling. Lots of playing pleasure, but did you know that both these activities have added benefits? They are great for burning calories! Who would have ever thought that such fun could also help you be more healthy.

The average man could burn around 163.6 calories in 30 minutes of mini golf and the average woman could possibly burn 114.31 calories. Being up and walking around will engage the body in caloric burn.  That’s not bad when you don’t even realize that you are getting that bonus…you”re just enjoying having a great time. “This fun activity can help you stay active while enjoying a friendly yet competitive game.”

Besides just the burning of calories there are other health benefits. Putting will enhance hand-eye coordination. Mini golf is good for our emotional well being because it is usually done with family or friends, so positive socializing takes place. It can also help reduce stress and increase happiness.

Mini bowling has its health benefits too. Bowling is considered an anaerobic exercise that helps muscle growth. Leg muscles are strengthened on your approach to the foul line. While holding the ball you are helping to develop the muscles in the arms.

Bowling not only builds muscles but stretches them too. Overall flexibility of the muscles is improved. Swinging arms as you release the ball down the lane is a good exercise  for the joints, tendons, and ligaments.Again movement is accompanied by the burning of calories, which  often leads to weight loss. Bowling three games offers the advantages of a gym workout.

This equation of fun and exercise would not be complete without family and friends. Who bowls alone? Another plus for building relationships, a part of socialization.

Both activities contribute to a healthy heart! Wow who would have imagined all this from mini golf and mini bowling. Just another reason for making Asheville’s Fun Depot a must stop when looking in Asheville, NC for things to do. You and your body both will be glad you did!

Asheville’s Fun Depot

7 Roberts Road (Exit 51 off I-40)

Asheville, NC 28803

(866) 628-1887


Good ‘Ole Time in Asheville NC

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The warm weather has definitely arrived and fun is in the air. Time to find great things to do in Asheville, North Carolina and get your family and friends together to have fun!

Asheville’s Fun Depot is a great place to meet if you are looking for a fantastic place to gather with family and friends in or near Asheville, North Carolina. There is more than enough riding, playing, laughing, winning, eating and just plain enjoying for a fun-filled day at Asheville’s Fun Depot! And the really great thing is that there is something for everyone to enjoy. There are go-karts, inflatables, bumper cars, laser tag, mini bowling, a climbing wall and a multi-activity arcade just to name a few!

Once inside you can play and ride till your hearts desire! Some activities challenge your skills, while others just make you laugh and smile. Asheville’s Fun Depot is 65,000 square feet of fun! Toddlers to teenagers, adults and grandparents can all find something they will want to try.

Asheville’s Fun Depot is a great place to hold a family reunion, a family get together, a conference or a birthday party. The possibilities are endless and the outcome is always the same—a great time to be had by all!

There is a lot of talk about how families need to spend more time together. Time together builds healthy families and healthy kids and creates strong relationships. Doing things together as a family is what glues families together! Family time fosters a sense of connection, of being loved, a sense of identity, and security that runs very deep. At Asheville’s Fun Depot, these family values are one of our core tenets and one of the reasons why we do what we do! We work to ensure a wholesome family environment so that you can take the worry out of it and enjoy family fun!

There are so many benefits from family activities so why not make it enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved. Asheville’s Fun Depot is a great place to build these family friendly memories. Right now is a great time to come on over to Asheville’s Fun Depot. Get the family together, young and old and everyone in between and bring them out and have a great time!

Making a day of it is sure to bring on a bit of hunger, but don’t worry! There is an awesome food diner with a great menu to please any appetite.

Asheville’s Fun Depot is a great place to bring the family and have a “good ole time”….hope to see ya here soon!

Asheville’s Fun Depot
7 Roberts Road (Exit 51 off I-40)
Asheville, NC 28803
(866) 628-1887

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Enjoy Mini Golf in Asheville, NC

Mini-Golf-April 2-2013-7Summer is here and the time is right for having fun! Looking for something to do? Something both young and old can enjoy? How about a few rounds of golf, minus the pressure and add in fun with mini golf! Asheville’s Fun Depot is just the place to go, with a mini golf course in Asheville, NC and we know how to have a good time!

Not only does our course have great scenery as you walk along and skillfully guide your ball , it even has a waterfall to enjoy. One of the nicest things about our course is that it is indoors, which means that no matter the weather conditions–rain, snow or sunshine–our course is open and ready to be challenged. Our mini golf course in Asheville, NC is just waiting for you to come on in and take a swing!

If you are thinking this is just about having a good time, think again. Mini golf is a great place for children to receive both health and educational benefits. Listen up old and young: playing golf burns calories. This is a plus for the grown ups. Even though children do not always need to burn calories,  they might need to burn energy, since burning energy helps children concentrate better.

There are health benefits that everyone can enjoy from mini golf! Playing mini-golf “gives children the opportunity to walk off energy, swing a club and chase a ball.” Walking provides a good cardiovascular workout for the average child. Swinging a club works the large muscles in the arms, while large leg muscles are worked when squatting and bending.

Not only are there physical benefits for children when they play mini-golf but there are educational benefits, as well. You will probably find the hand-eye coordination that it takes to play, at the top of the list of benefits. These coordination skills help strengthen the brain and result in better reading and thinking skills. Another plus is the use of logic which is required for kids to adjust their swing when aiming for a hole, developing thinking skills. Children will also use decision-making tools. Using addition and subtraction to keep track of their score is a great opportunity to practice math skills.

Who would have ever thought that such fun could have so many positive additions in other areas of life, like health and education? Mini-golf is definitely an activity to encourage your children to try! And a terrific mini-golf course in Asheville, NC is right here at Asheville’s Fun Depot. Bring the family and friends for some “friendly” competition that has some great benefits.

Reference: by Jim Parker L.


Mini Golf Course Asheville, NC

Asheville’s Fun Depot

7 Roberts Road (Exit 51 off I-40)

Asheville, NC  28803

(866) 628-1887

Tips for a Playing Mini Golf in NC

Tips for a Playing Mini Golf in NCReady for a great day and some awesome fun? How about a few rounds of mini golf in NC. All you need is a keen eye and a steady hand…well, maybe scratch those first two…I think some good old enthusiasm will do just fine!

Mini golf in NC is a fun past time for all ages. Entertaining and busy enough for the little ones, challenging and competitive enough for the teenagers, and moves along at just the right pace for the adults and the seniors who are young at heart.

It is a great activity for any size of group, just a couple or the whole gang. Mini golf in NC makes for a great date night, a birthday party, a family outing or any occasion, the possibilities are endless.

You don’t have to be a pro to have a good time playing mini golf in NC. but many like the challenge of conquering each hole, improving their strokes and of course nailing that hole in one.

Believe it or not there are some great tips for playing mini golf. It is basically a simple game of putting, well maybe in theory.

The biggest problem for most of us is over hitting the ball on swings. We hit way too hard and way too fast. We act like we are driving on a fairway instead of recognizing that each hole is just an elongated putt.

Best tip to improve our stroke is to putt smoothly through the ball. I am definitely going to try that piece of advice.

The main features of a mini golf course are the obstacles. Each hole is lined with some type of unique obstacle to throw the golfer off course and unnerve their concentration. Easy tip is to not become distracted. There is always a way to make the shot, either around, over, under, or through. Get a strategy and find the shortest route to the cup.

Just like in the “big” game of golf there is a correct body set up to perform the best putt. Check out the hole, line up straight and even, place both feet together in a putting position. Now you are ready to line the putter perpendicular with the hole. Then finish it with a smooth putt. You did it!

I don’t know about you but I have gained some confidence and I am ready to go find a great mini golf course in NC and have one fabulous game. Matter of fact Asheville’s Fun Depot has great mini golf in NC. Why don’t we head on over there and show off our new mini golf skills.

mini golf nc Asheville NC 28803
Asheville’s Fun Depot
7 Roberts Road
Asheville, NC 28803
(866) 628-1887


Need to Burn a Few Calories this Winter? Try Family Fun in North Carolina!

family fun north carolinaCold weather is upon us here in North Carolina, and for too many people that leads to a severe decrease in activity and exercise. Consider the number of hours your kids spent watching TV or playing video games last winter.  The many benefits of exercise is no secret. It promotes weight loss, increases energy and blood flow, it helps detoxify the body, reduces stress,  and improves your mood and spirit. This last benefit is particularly important when the winter blues set in. So how do we get our kids moving when it’s cold outside? You could try the treadmill, but how about a little family fun?

Asheville’s Fun Depot has many activities to get your family moving this season. Today we will  see how the activities we offer, help keep you healthy.


Bowling is a sport that can help you stay in shape at any age.  There is constant movement when bowling. You walk back and forth a great deal during the game, burning calories and increasing your metabolism. You use several muscle groups when swinging the ball. The weight of the bowling ball offers resistance, increasing muscle strength. According to the Mayo Clinic, bowling for one hour can burn from 219 up to 327 calories (depending on weight) Come check out our mini bowling alley. Great fun and good exercise suited to you and your little ones.

Laser Tag

Want a good calorie burner?  Try laser tag. Unless you assume a sniper-like position throughout the game, you’re bound to burn a boat-load of calories here. Running, crouching, and shooting is sure to get your heart rate up and work some of those large leg muscles. Instead of your kids playing the video game, let them live it, and get healthier in the process! Family fun in North Carolina doesn’t get much better than this!

Rock Climbing Wall

Do you like a challenge? Rock climbing can be a great cardiovascular workout. That’s good for your heart, lungs, veins and arteries. Fitday claims that “Rock climbing at a moderate intensity for around one hour will burn around 400 calories” That’s good for your waistline! Not to mention the strengthening and toning that is inevitable with hoisting your body up a 24-foot climbing wall.

Kids Adventure Express

Going to the park is a great way to get your kids moving, climbing ladders, running, climbing, hanging, are all excellent ways to keep your kiddos healthy. However, the park can be a bit chilly this time of year. That’s where we come in. Asheville’s Fun Depot has two large themed soft play areas that can wear those children out for you. Got a busy toddler?  Check out Tot’s Turtle Lagoon!  She’ll be sleeping sound after a great day of play!

The year is winding down, but there is still family fun and exercise to be had here in North Carolina!  I guarantee that a day at Asheville’s Fun Depot will be the funnest workout you’ve ever had!

Family Fun North Carolina, NC 28803
Asheville’s Fun Depot‎
7 Roberts Road (Exit 51 off I-40)
Asheville, North Carolina 28803
828.277.2386 (2FUN) (866) 303-4386 (4FUN)

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The Best Activities Asheville NC Offers for Everyone

activities asheville nc |Asheville NCTraveling can be an exciting and fun adventure if you do it correctly. If you are traveling to North Carolina for the very first time, you may be surprised by how much there is to do. Asheville is a stunning city in the western part of the state, and there is plenty to do.

Visitor activities can be separated into a few different categories. Some activities are best for singles or couples, and some are better for families or larger groups. Because many people tend to travel with families, particularly around the holidays, family-friendly activities are all the buzz right now. So if you are looking for the best activities Asheville NC offers, here are some ideas.

Fun Depots

Fun depots provide some of the best activities Asheville NC. There are often bounce houses or rooms with trampoline walls and floors for children and teens. There may also be an arcade or gaming area where people of all ages can play.

Fun depots are a fantastic place to spend a day with family or friends. Most of these places host parties and large group events, so there will be plenty for your group to do. There may be a playground or ball pit for children to play in. There might be bumper cars or a race track for the older group members.

Fun on Wheels

Go-kart racing, bumper cars, and other activities on wheels can be fun for the whole family. You can rent bikes and ride around the city. You can rent a car and drive into the more rural areas, which aren’t far from Asheville. North Carolina is a stunningly beautiful state, and there is something for everyone there.

If you’re the road trip type, you may consider renting a car and driving to one of North Carolina’s National Parks or state parks. You will fall in love with the scenery.

Arcade Games

While playing video games at home or in a hotel room can be fun, playing in an arcade is even better. You get out of the house or hotel room and you get to interact with more people. Many arcade games are multi-player games so you can include more family members or friends.

Eating Out

Many people enjoy eating out when they travel. They can get a taste of local foods, which in North Carolina means fresh, delicious seafood. Asheville visitors can try the native foods and local restaurants.

The best way to find out where the locals eat is to ask a local. North Carolina natives are extremely friendly for the most part, and they are eager to share their city with visitors. If you ask a few people around town where they like to eat, you will get the best advice! If you’re looking for cheap fish and chips, for example, ask a local for a recommendation. You may be surprised by the delicious foods in the small, local restaurants.

If you veer toward the less adventurous side though, there are plenty of chain restaurants to find in Asheville. If you have picky eaters in the group or if you are craving that particular dish from your favorite chain restaurant, you will probably be able to find it there.

Other activities Asheville NC may include mini golfing, swimming, water parks, or other activities. If you are looking for a park for a picnic, there are plenty of green spaces in North Carolina. No matter what type of activity you are looking for, there’s something for everyone to do in Asheville.


activities asheville nc
Asheville’s Fun Depot‎
7 Roberts Road (Exit 51 off I-40)
Asheville, North Carolina 28803
828.277.2386 (2FUN) (866) 303-4386 (4FUN)

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Tired of the Same Old Weekend Routine? Try Some Fun Activities Asheville NC for Families on the Go

activities Asheville NCParents looking to spend some fun, quality time with the kids after a busy week have plenty of choices for activities Asheville NC. The city has plenty of family-friendly attractions, like parks, museums and nature centers. But what if you don’t have the time or energy to run around town and just want to spend a few hours doing something as a family?  You can go out to see a movie at the local Cineplex, stopping at the mall or a restaurant for part of the afternoon. If you’re on a tight budget and you’re the homebody type, you can always send out for pizza and gather the family around the flat-screen TV for a living room movie marathon. While those activities promote family togetherness, they are short on the “active” part of activity. To nurture family ties, it’s always better to join your kids in a mutual activities Asheville NC that everyone can enjoy, like a sport or game. Playing with your kids is a great way to strengthen the parent-child bond. When kids see their parent’s fun side, it helps to improve communications and round out the relationship.

Instead of staying indoors in a sedentary position, watching movies, eating in restaurants or playing computer games, why not try something out of the ordinary, like go-kart racing or bumper cars?  Kids will love the excitement and parents may even be able to ride a go-kart or bumper car with their child – or ride in another car and have a friendly, competitive race. There are colorful indoor go-kart tracks and more “race track” like outdoor venues – either way, kids and adults can stay active and do something together without spending a lot of time searching for the right park to play softball, soccer or other team sports. The go-kart venue will have all the safe, modern equipment you need to compete in fun go-kart races.

Asheville’s Fun Depot is the place for families to spend time together without taking a long trip or doing the same old movie and pizza routine. We have all sorts of fun activities Asheville NC for the whole family, from toddlers to teens and adults. Our multi-level, figure-eight indoor go-kart track is popular with all age groups, as well as our outdoor track. Kids who are at least 44 inches tall can ride our indoor bumper cars. Drivers can steer and spin our cars in any direction so they’re no chance of being boxed in. For non-drivers, we have laser tag, mini golf and a rock climbing wall. Instead of staying indoors doing the same old thing every weekend, come join us at Fun Depot for some different family activities Asheville NC. We host birthday parties, corporate and school events. Call us at 828-277-2386 to learn more about our special deals and great play options.

activities Asheville NC
Asheville’s Fun Depot‎
7 Roberts Road (Exit 51 off I-40)
Asheville, North Carolina 28803
828.277.2386 (2FUN) (866) 303-4386 (4FUN)

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