Outdoor Go-Karts

Outdoor Go-Karts*

A quest for fun or a quest to win? It’s up to you! Our go-kart* track offers a considerable selection of single-seat and double-seat go-karts*, so your whole family can experience the fun.

* To drive a go-kart you must be at least 54″ tall and 11 years old.

If your child is 5 years old and 36″ tall, they can ride with an adult 18 years or older.


Go-Kart Sponsorships 2012

Just because we are in NASCAR Country doesn’t mean all race track sponsorships cost top dollar. Over 300,000 people visit our facility each year and both our indoor, multi-level figure 8 and our outdoor tracks are very popular. With plenty of wall space for your Company logo banners and single/double Go-Karts, we put you in front of potential customers in a fun way! Click here for Go-Kart Sponsorship information.